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Geiranger Fjord

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Definitely my favourite biking road. I had to go far away to find it,but it was worth going there. Amazing scenry,like only you can find in Norwegian fjords, including snowy mountains, sea, cliffs... Just add curvy funny and well surfaced roads, and you're definitely in paradise.

So, in Byrkjelo, you will begin with a climb which seems to be totally classical, but just when you will have reached the top, you will discover an amazing view on Innvikfjord. After a few kilometers along sea and peaks, you will arrive in Styrn and then begin to climb to the heights of Geiranger Fjord. At the beginning road is pretty wide, but will become more narrow once you turned left on the 63.

Here should you go to have a look on Dalsnibba summit, from where you will have panoramic view on the Geiranger Fjord (just mind that this road is not paved !!). After that, there is a downhill 'cut' in the rock. Cross Geiranger and finall leave this little piece of heaven with another hairpins road and a kind of straight in a norwegian desert.


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Geiranger Fjord (1)
Geiranger Fjord et sa route
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The roadbook

156.8 km (about 2 h 16 min)

Stage Instructions Distance Zoom crossing
Byrkjelo 0 km
1 Head north on 60 PK : 0 km
(-> 12.4 km)
2 Turn left to stay on 60 PK : 12.4 km
(-> 44.3 km)
3 At the roundabout, take the 1st exit onto 15/Tonningsgata
Continue to follow 15
PK : 56.8 km
(-> 51.2 km)
4 Turn left at 63 PK : 108.1 km
(-> 22.9 km)
5 Turn left to stay on 63 PK : 131.1 km
(-> 25.6 km)
Eisdal 156.8 km

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Road Length Distance / Active road Mark
Central Norway fjords 176.8 km 62 km 3.2/5

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Geisemyr camping Camping 3 km 4/5

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Author marks : Thomas

General mark : 4.2/5

Surfacing : 4/5

Curves : 4/5

Lanscapes : 5/5

Speed controls : 4/5

Traffic : 3.5/5

Name : Berni69

Date : july 14th 2009

General mark : 4/5

Surfacing : 3/5

Curves : 4.5/5

Landscapes : 5/5

Speed controls : 5/5

Traffic : 2/5

Si vous ne faites pas cette route .. alors.. il vous faudra retourner en Norvège !