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Scotland Ireland 2008

As I have a few more available time this year (despite my 500 championship involvement), I can spend about 2 weeks riding across Europe. I did not ask myself a single second about the destination of this trip; I had an old dream, maybe the oldest one, which made me in a second time five years ago feel like going to Norway : Scotland !!

With about two weeks available, I add its celtic sister, Ireland, and plan a roadbook going directly to Edinburgh, and going back through Wales and England. First I felt like visiting the Isle of Man and its famous racing road...but boat is expensive and time not infinite, so I decide to cancel it.

On a technical point of view, there is a little improvement this year : i had an onboard GPS recorder, with which I can show you on every travel step page an interactive map giving informations about the exact locations of pictures, and about the path I followed.

Now let's begin travel story : have a good reading !

If you want to see a particular step, please click on an incon of the map here under : (need some help)Besoin d'aide ?

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Stages table

Stage Title Km Video
1 The love boat 363
2 Keep left 306
3 Highlander 413
4 Want a Skye ? 355
5 Bye Bye Scotland 402
6 The northern Ireland ballad 277
7 West coast 427
8 A few water for your trip ?? 370
9 Maybe a few more water ?? 382
10 Welsh Mountains 232
11 Finally England 379
12 XX go home 205