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Hairpins and Dolomites

July 24th/ Trun - Misurina : 454 km

Weather is pretty cold this morning, but I feel that the rest of the day will be too hot. We go through the valleys this morning, enjoying these cools temperatures. First climbing is Julierpass, with a still quite desert road.

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It leads to Saint Moritz, famous olympic city (sure !!), and then we go towards Italy. We rise on Berninapass, with unbelieveable views...oooooh !!

Photo 2

Vue du Berninapass

The road is crossing a railway, giving this original swiss view.

Photo 3

train et montagne..

On top of Berninapass is a lake, with that typical altitude lakes colour.

Photo 4

Sommet du Berninapass

And we enter Italy. Lunch break, we go down to Bormio through Foscagno pass, before climbing the breathtaking Stelvio pass and trying to reach its 2757 m summit, top of our trip and second pass in Europe after Iseran.

Sensitive people, be careful (and heavy bikes too !! )

Photo 5

Le vetigineux Stelviopass

Photo 6

Le vetigineux Stelviopass

And of course landscapes at the top look desert.

Photo 7

Sommet du Stelviopass (2757 m)

Downhill is as tight as uphill. Special thanks to the cat who nearly went under my bike, but who had the good idea to do a U-turn 20 cm from the fairing.

Then we have to do with a long, hot and traffic jamed valley crossing to reach Bolzano. We say a little hello to Otzy, ice man, and we go towards Dolomites and their uniques limestones cliffs, just like these ones which are over Val Gardena.

Photo 8


One small picture !

Photo 9

 Pause photo

Weather is stormy, and the typical light gives an additionnal mysterious look at the peaks of the area.

Photo 10

Falaise Dolomitique

Here we are just above Cortina d'Ampezzo.

Photo 11

Hauteurs de Cortina d'Ampezzo

Now it's time to set up the camp, so we stop near a lake, just under one of these famous 'Dolomitics' cliffs.

Photo 12

Camping italien