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Austrian summits

July 25th / Misurina-Bruck : 446km

Just like yesterday, morning cool weather provides us a relaxing morning. Second part of Dolomites is as beautiful as first one. We finish by a few highway towards 'end of country', the way Italian people call that place. A mountain road leads us to a mountain lake, where we'll have a bath.

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Lac à la frontière Slovène

After a few kilometers, we are approaching the border. The guy checks my passport, and then we enter Slovenia. Some bunkers are here and there, to remind us the trouble past of that region. There is really less people on roads, nature is beautiful, wild..I feel like spending a bit more time there another year. We cross Triglav Natural park, and we go to Vrsic pass (sure it sounds like it spells...)

Photo 2

Parc du Triglav

For Tintin comic fans, it looks like Syldavia or Borduria.

Photo 3

Col du Vrsic

We ride down the pass (with cobblestones in hairpins, stupid idea !! ) and arrive in Kranjska Gora.

We climb another pass to arrive in Austria...papier bitte ! A few highway and a valley road lead us to Grosslockner - Hochalpenstrasse (high alpine road) natural park. Another special thanks to the wise family man driving his audi who was overtaking 6 cars in one shot without any view, and who make use drive at three people on the road width. Not so fun with side cases. It created a crash in its lane because afraid people hardly brake, and I don't thing that the guy who run in the field with its brand new Audi was very happy...

So here is Grosslockner (and its 17 E toll !!)

Photo 4

Montée du Grosslockner

But I must confess it's quite worth paying so much...Here are some views of the uphill road :

Photo 5

Montée du Grosslockner

Photo 6

Moto au Grosslockner

Including that wonderful panoramic made by Guillaume !


panoramique montée du grosslockner - Autriche

Road is more and more beautiful.

Photo 7

Montée du Grosslockner

And we reach the summit.

Photo 8

Sommet du Grosslockner

Road goes under a tunnel, slightly downhill and uphill just after, facing an unexpectable view.

Photo 9

Sommet du Grosslockner

End of afternoon sunlight provides an unique effect.

Photo 10

Sommet du Grosslockner

A road with wide hairpins leads us to the valley, where we set up the camp for tonight.

Photo 11

Camping au pied du Grosslockner