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Bavarian Alps

July 26th / Bruck - Pfohren : 615 km

Here is the last interesting day of the travel. As usual, morning cool temperatures are welcome. We ride in Kitzbuhel, and I have a look at Hahnenkamm, big mountain just near the city, on which is the most famous alpine skiing racing track. But in summer it's a big green hill, no more...

Then we enter Germany. Altitudes are lower and slopes less importants than on previous days, but there is still some beautiful areas, just like near Tegernsee.

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Lac à la frontière Slovène

Photo 2

Parc du Triglav

The 'Deutscher Alpenstrasse ' (German Alpine road) is crossing many lakes.

Photo 3

Col du Vrsic

Photo 4

Montée du Grosslockner

And, after riding along many ones, I can't resist, and want to bath, and this will be in this one.

Photo 5

Montée du Grosslockner

This is the last quite moments before we reach Bodensee, and fall into an hugeeeee traffic jam. I can't overtake stopped cars because of my side cases, but it's not so bad, temperature is only 36 °... ...heeeeelp.

Once escaping the trap, we go to highway (German one), and we ride (no comment) to a camping which is just near Danube source. Don't forget that in Budapest you need 15 mins to....OK OK !!

Photo 6

Montée du Grosslockner

And to conclude that evening, Guillaume asks me just one question : is it normal that I have a white stripe in the middle of my tire...I feel we're about to restart last year's Swedish adventure (see ).