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On board timer

When you ride on circuit, it's quickly necessary to know your lap times, your level and evaluate your improvements. Some automatic systems exist, like Alfano. It's using some magnetic stripes on the track. The only drawback of this system is its price (240 E).

Here is an alternative low cost solution : one manual timer, for about 30.

First step is to choose the right timer : I mean one which can register many lap times. I choosed this one, which can register 99 laps.

Chrono décathlon trt'L 700

Then, let's have a look about its use : you start it using right button, and you register lap times with left button. So it's this one which will have to be controlled when riding, for example each time you break the finish line.

Usually, everybody agrees to say it's better to use pass button : useless on a racing bike, on left side (no throttle), and quite designed for this purpose.

Bouton d'appel de phares

So, you'll have to plug a wire which can act on the 'lap' button of the timer when pressing pass button on the handlebar. Take a two-wires cable, on one end set up a male jack connector, and let the 2 wires on the other end. Open the timer, and remove black protection in order to see electronic circuit.

Pinpoint the two tracks connected by the button. You'll have to weld a wire on each one. One is directly on the circuit (1), but, for the other, you can just weld on metal plate (2).

Chrono embarqué : soudure des fil

Be accurate when welding, especially for track 1, which is really fragile. Once you're done with track 1, reinstall black cover. For track 2, you can lock the wire under the plate with the help of the screw. Once weldings are really OK, you can add a few Araldite glue to make it more resistant.

The cable will exit the timer by the former button hole. You can enlarge it with a little drill bit. Now you can close the timer, and in order to make it more resistant, once again, add some araldite in the wire hole. Sure welding won't break now.

Consolidation à l'araldite

Connect a female jack on the two wires leaded by pass button. Usually, on a racing bike, left handlebar electric unit is useless. Disconnect it from the main harness, and plug jack connector directly on it, for example using female flat connectors. Protect it with adhesive tape.

Installation d'un connecteur sur le faisceau

You have to find the right place and a way to fix timer on the bike. I used strong velcro and a self made aluminium plate. But it depends on each bike.

Chrono placé sur la moto.

Accuracy is quite good on the track, even if it's not the one of an automatic system. Have a good ride !