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Drive chain replacement

Here is explained my drive chain replacement method. It's quite unusual because you have to remove swing arm, but anyway you don't have to crimp the chain by yourself, which is a quite difficult operation which requires accuracy to avoid serious problems. And, removing swing arm is a good opportunity to put some grease on its bearings !!

So, first step is to buy a chain drive kit with chain already crimped. Ask your dealer, and smoetimes it can even be done in factory.

Kit chaine neuf

Then immediatly starts the most difficult part of the job : untighten the engine sprocket nut. Two problems : it's really tighten hard, and, it turns !! After removing sprocket cover (and nothing more), put a socket on the nut.

Déverouillage du pignon de sortie de boite

When you loosen it, you have to lock rear wheel in order to prevent sprocket from turning. Two possibilities : rear brake (yourself or external help), or put something in the wheel, which stops wheel rotation : a piece of wood, PVC pipe...nothing harder than wheel and swing arm metal in any cases !! And nut goes !

Pignon de sortie de boite prêt à être retiré

Now you can remove rear wheel. Once it is off, sprocket goes easy.

Now you can install rear sprocket : easy, untighten nut, remove old one, install new one and tighten nuts.

Démontage de la couronne

Maybe can you have a look at your hub shock absorbers. Once you're done with rear sprocket, here is the second serious operation : install new chain. And, as you guess, the only way to do it without opening the chain is to remove swingarm. Follow the instruction of your repair manual. Once swing arm is removes, chain comes by herself.

Bras oscillant déposé

Now set up the new one, reinstall swing arm (put some grease in bearings !!), set up new engine sprocket and install nut without tightening too much. Then reinstall rear wheel, set up chain slack, tighten rear wheel axis. Use the same method to tighten engine sprocket than the one you used to remove it. Then you just have to reinstall sprocket cover and definitely check chain slack.