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Protection cadre

All racers know these composite protections, made of carbon or kevlar fiber. But everybody asks the same question first time they get one : how can I fix it on the bike. I don't think my solution, which was told me by the protectors manufacturer - poly 26 - is perfect. But, in my opinion, she has 2 great qualities : 1 it's really fixed and 2 you don't damage the frame, and you can remove it without any big difficulties.

First step is to remove fairing and tank to have a good access to frame. Then you have to cover hte parts of frame which will receive protection with strong adhesive tape (brown one used for packing).

Then put some strong glue (for example blackson car tuning glue, designed to fix some aerodynamical appendix or things so) on the protector and on the frame. Set up the protector on the frame, hold it for 3-4 minutes, and then once it's really at the right place, use some tools to keep it tighten for 2 or 3 hours.

Pose des protections de cadre

Once glue is really dry, remove tools, and use the cutter to remove the extra adhesive tape remaining. Be careful to not damage the frame with it !!

And here is the result :

Protection de cadre en place