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Sanding ???? But what is it ? It's a technic to strip complex shape parts (with weldings, holes...) with as less effort as possible. You can use it for example to restore collection motorcycles (what a hell to strip all a frame with sandpaper), or for example on a quite recent bike to remove rust from exhaust pipe.

First : the required tooling. You need a sanding gun (average cost 40 E). It's a quite simple tool : one trigger, one exhaust, and one pipe which goes in sand container. When you pull the trigger, sand is sucked up by Venturi effect, and thrown on the part you want to strip.

pistolet de sablage

You need of course a compressor. It's better to have a quite good one (3 hp). Mine is 1.5 hp, it's quite ok if you do some breaks from time to time. Don't forget to add an air dryer. If not, sand will be sticked in the gun and you won't strip anything at all.

You should ask some construction materials dealer for getting the sand. If your compressor as a little engine, take as fine sand as possible.

Last recommandation concerning the equipment : it is really important to protect yourself. Glasses are absolutely necessary. I think it's better to protect you hairs, if you don't want to spend 1/2 hour washing your head, and maybe wearing gloves might be a good idea.

sablage d'un cadre de BMW R 60

Then, start compressor, set up pressure at 5-6 bars, put the pipe in the sand, pull the trigger and let's go. According to your compressor power, adjust distance. Be careful that your head is not too close.

Restauration de moto ancienne : sablage de cadre

You can quickly have good results, even for complicated shapes.

platine repose pied décapée par sablage

And here is the result on a BMW R60 frame, for black painting layer (second one is still to be removed on the pic). I just hope that you have a place where you can let the thrown sand on the ground. If not, hold your broom ;-) .