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The love boat

August 4th / Orsay-Zeebrugge: 363 km

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And let's go for new adventures, in British Islands, and more especially in Scotland and Ireland. I choosed to go to Scotland using the only direct link with the continent starting from Zeebrugge : it 's almost the same price as Eurotunnel or a France-England ferrie, and will avoid me a pretty long crossing of England countryside. And, moreover, it will remember me with a few nostalgie the first stage of the travel to North Cape.

But, this time, I'll choose a bit different way : i don't have as much time as I want as I have to be in harbour at 4 PM for checking. So I use A1 highway, then Belgium highways and arrive in Brugge at 2 PM. I have two hours left, and that's pretty nice : everybody told me about the charm of the 'Belgian Venice'. Let's see how it looks like !

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Brugge main square

Here is the magnificent central square.

Photo 2

Brugge church

And its beautiful clock tower.

Photo 3

Brugge canals

Then I walk around the canals.

Photo 4

Panoramic view of Brugge canals

Unfortunately, my boat is waiting for me, so I have to leave the relaxing central Brugge to go to its industrial harbour. Destination : Scotland !

Photo 5

Zeebrugge, before boarding

After the check-in formalities, i go onboard and reach the place where I will spend the night : my 'aircraft-type-seat'...understand 'sleeping-on-the-ground-on-carpet-beetween-seats'. But before I take a picture of the charming Zeebrugge harbour :

Photo 6

Zeebrugge, harbour view

And the end of the day goes on. My last worries about a possible seasickness disappear when I attend in boat's cinema the last Indiana Jones movie : 'not sick here, not sick at all'. Hey, it's time to reach my 2 square meters carpet and to fall asleep !