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That category includes all 'products' that can be used when doing motorcycle servicing operations.


Frein filet

You have two kinds of loctite : blue and red. You can untighten blue one quite easily, and it can make you feel more confident about the tightening of some screws...but for red one, only use it when specified by service manual.


Graisse multi usages

Use it as often as you can, for wheel axis, ball bearings, cables. It prevents screws from locking, reduces wear and avoids corrosion. Choose multi purpose grease.

High temperature grease

Graisse hautes températures

Same use than classical one, but on high temperature parts : spark plugs, exhaust pipes, brake calipers...For example, molybdene grease.

Releasing agent


But, even if you put grease everywhere, you still may have some disturbing surpises, like locked or correde screws..then releasing agent will be your best friend.

Chain cleaner

Nettoie chaine

Before you put grease on the chain, clean it with that product to remove sand, old grease and so on.

Chain grease

Graisse à chaine

Everybody guesse its purpose. Putting grease on the chain every 600 km (400 km under rain) is wise decision. Let's do a few advertising for Bel-Ray 'super clean'. This product is a miracle, looks quite dry, no projection, bike's back keeps clean. Go to your favourite dealer right now !!


Pâte à joint

Really useful when remounting thick seals, or when some oil is leaking...