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First time

The great start

After many month spent to prepare the bike, here we are. It's time of first riding !! Let's go to Carole circuit. First remark, put a bike on a trailer is quite more complicated than expected ! After some traffic jams due to a bad road choice, we finally arrive to the circuit.

Just a few minut to wear clothes and let's go !! Despite a careful acceleration my rear tire slides because it was cold and new. I nearly fell before starting...Well, let's do a little run, then a little interruption, go to track again, and when accelerating at the end of a slow corner...plaf, first crash !!

Ma, yé tombé

Well, that's done, just after 6 laps. Nothin broken, for me and the bike, so, let's go back to the track. After a quite normal run, I realise how much it is a physical sport, I can't feel my forearms any more. It becomes really difficult to use clutch...which produces some hairpins exits in 5th gear...broooooo !!

The best lap time of this session is 1'17'09. Not so good (some guys in CB500 cup ride in 1'10..), but people say it's quite good for a first time.

I really enjoy it, I 'm impatient to come back again.