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Avoiding rain

Some job collegues are having riding lessons for 2 days in the morning. I'll be their photograph, and ride in the afternoon. Let's hope weather will be good.

I arrive at 10 and it's raining :-( . Fortunately, it stops immediately. Their lessons seem to be interessant...but I can't wait the afternoon. OK, track is open, a few warming up laps, a little break, and I start fast laps. I go under 1'15 many times, things go better and better, and I reach a new record at 1'13'45 !! But it starts raining, I feel a bit tired, and so I decide to stop for today and come back tomorrow.

And for thursday same program than yesterday : early arrival in circuit, and , at 2PM, gazzz! It's a pretty good day, I become more regular, I have 5 consecutive laps in 1'14. I have some alerts, like an excursion in gravel trap after a crazy braking. Then, suddenly, in straight line, no fuel. It seems to be a bit early, but I use 14 L for 100 km, so... Thanks god I can reach the pit, put I have to go to fuel station in my car riding my suit.

I ride again from 6 to 7, but I am too tired. I 'll change engine sprocket, I don't have the right gear in hairpins exits. I have to change brake pads and fork oil seals too -I compressed fork on the trailer a bit too much I believe :-(

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