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Honda cbr 1100 xx

Perfect bike doesn't exist, or....

The road section can't start without presenting the one which carried me all across Europa.

honda cbr 1100 XX

Ten years ago, honda decided to produce the fastest bike ever built. They're done !!

1137 cm3, 164 CV, 300 km/h…
Ten years after, concurrents produced even more powerful and fast bikes, and minds have, what's left. Simply one perfect balanced bike, perfectly fitting the Honda Sport-GT spirit ! Stable and reactive frame, safe braking, comfort and amazing engine. With it you can as much do some sport riding on mountain roads or going for many weeks journeys across Europa, just like my 9000 km adventure to North Cape.

Don't forget that reliability is amazing too (you can break the 100 000 km barrier without any problem !)

100 000km on a CBR 1100 XX

And you finally have almost met the perfection...and for sure the bike which allows me to ride the way I like.