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Track and road proposes you a tool to create custom motorcycling roadbooks, by proposing you while building your trip the best nearby biking roads. Once created, you can either print it, generate a GPS file, and in any cases record it ( .tnr file).

Load/save roadbook

You can load a roadbook from a .tnr file.

Open a .tnr roadbook


  • Distance unit : kilometers / miles
  • Country : (the current active option of this field will be used while clicking on 'localize' for departure, arrival or a stage)

Departure and arrival

Take part to the project, add your favourite biking roads.

Choose your kind of roadbook : trip A->B or loop

  • Trip :
Id String Actions Status
Research area amplitude :
  • Loop :

Pre computation of trip

Use the button here under to search for biking roads located around your trip.

Pre compute trip:


Zoom back to initial map

Quick instructions

If it is the first time you use the software, maybe the most wise is to read Motorbike Roadbooks tutorial. Through this basic example, you will learn all the possibilities of the program.

Anyway, three little steps are required to build your roadbook :

  1. Choose the kind (trip or loop), then set up departure and arrival. To do so, please enter the name of the place and then click on 'Locate'. (If you do not type anything, marker will be automatically set - up in the middle of the map). You can move these markers by drag-and-drop : use it ! If you want to perform a loop travel, you must also specify a total length, and can also enter a general direction.
  2. Then, it is time to search for biking roads along your way : click on 'pre-compute'. The zone of interst is scanned, and a table with the biking roads selected is displayed under the map. Add to the roadbook the ones you want ('Add' button), and modify their enter and exit points ( and ) by drag and drop if needed. You can insert stages beetween the roads if you want.
  3. Now it is time to your roadbook. Under the map you will find a summary of its specifications, GPS files and at the bottom of the page the whole roadbook.

It's your turn now !!