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If you are curious,and want to improve your motorcycle dynamic behaviour knowledges, you may find some interesting ressources on that page.

First main reference is this book, written by Vittore Cossalter:

Here is a selection of the most interesting sites found on the web dealing with such physical approach of motorcycling.


The reference site . You will find many pdf presented during symposiums, and have the opportunity to buy the book of the main professor, Mr Cossalter. I bought it and I must confess it's really serious and exhaustive.

Imperial college
universite imperial college

Here is used the 'systems control' approach. The bike is modellized as a multi-variable system which has to keep stable (to summarize, if the real part of one pole turns positive, you crash !!) Thesis report made by S.Evangelou is really well made, but this approach can disappoint some people by lack of mechanics. ....Really interesting anyway !

Stuttgart University
universite de stuttgart

Results of a frame conception study. Interesting, despite there are really few things online, excepted some videos.