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Let's try to be objective : despite frequent speed checks, shouting car drivers and so on, France is one of the best country for motorcycling : culture, various landscapes, global road surface quality and amazing roads, everything is here to make you happy.


Motorcycling in France

Roads interest

In all regions of France, and especially in the south, you'll find unforgettable motorcycling roads.

Road surface quality

Pretty good, despite some secondary roads are sometimes a bit damaged, as well as some mountain roads.


Many regions are very beautiful, and each one at his own way, that's why France is so interessant to visit.

General atmosphere / safety

Let's say we can as much meet really welcoming people as moaning ones !! Considering safety, it depends on the region, open your eyes and be a minimum careful and everything will be OK.

Car drivers behaviour

Either stressed and agressive or slow and unattentive, and in both cases sure that he is the best driver in the world (stupid, because everybody knows it's me).

Speed controls

Automatic controls and manned ones are now everywhere, even on secondary careful.


If your are from European union, passport or identity card are enough.

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Road maps

Michelin n°721

Weather statistics

Some weather statistics of the country

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Marseille Brest

Speed limits

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Biking roads

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527 biking roads available.

Road Length Mark Photos Zoom
Val de loire 7.1 km 4.2/5
Plus beau km de france 30.7 km 4.2/5
Du Vercors au Diois 128.5 km 4/5
Saint Pons - Aigue Vives 26.2 km 4/5
Aiguilles de Bavella 38.9 km 4/5
DIE 3 - Dieulefit à Saint Nazaire le Désert par Gurmiane 38.8 km 4/5
DIE 3 - Dieulefit à Saint Nazaire le Désert par le Col de Muse 46.9 km 4/5
Plateau de Calern 53.8 km 4/5
D70 12.5 km 4/5
Course de cote saint george des gardes 1 km 4/5
Levée de loire rive gauche 107.9 km 4/5
In Between ! (South of Lyon) 22.6 km 3.9/5
Vallée de l'Eyrieux 44.5 km 3.9/5
Alés-Florac (Cévennes) 64.9 km 3.9/5
Amic pass from Willer 9.3 km 3.9/5
Bitschwiller -Masevaux (D14) 15.2 km 3.9/5
Cannes - St Raphael par le bord de mer 20.9 km 3.9/5
Près des plages de Saint-Tropez 9.8 km 3.9/5
Hérépian - Lacaune 46.8 km 3.9/5
Durtol - Le Cratère 11.6 km 3.9/5

54 biking accomodations published.

Accomodation Type Mark Photos Zoom
Domaine de la vallée Bed and breakfast 4.7/5