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Motorbike Roadbooks : the tutorial !

If you never used Trackandroad motorbike roadbooks creation software, or if you want to know all its possibilities, just follow the steps of this tutorial. Before you start, open the page in a new tab / window.

Tutorial files

Here is the .tnr file which contains the whole tutorial actions. Download it if you get lost.

Set up departure and arrival

Go in the eponym section, set 'France' in country menu and type 'palaiseau' in the start field. Click on 'locate'. 'D' marker will appear in the middle of Palaiseau city.

Click twice on the + command of the zoom, then drag and drop the marker at Palaiseau exit.

Click on 'zoom back to initial map', under the map. Go back to the table, let arrival field empty and click on locate. A marker will be set up in the middle of the map. Move it at the north of Lyon.

You will now define more accuratly its location using zoom button , then drag and drop it at the north of Villefranche sur Saone (move, zoom up and down to achive your goal) .

Scan for biking roads

Well, departure and arrival are set up. Now, it's time to search for biking roads which are along your trip. Click on 'Precompute' button.

The research area and roads (referenced by a number ) are displayed on the map :

They are also listed in a table under the map :

NB : If you wish to have a wider research area, change value of option 'amplitude of research area' (3rd line of 'Departure /Arrival' table) an click on 'Precompute' again.

Build your roadbook

The roads in the table are now only 'suggested'. you will have to add them to the roadbook. Go to the line of Morvan : Lormes - Montsauche via Vauclaix and click on 'Add' button. Do the same with The heart of south Burgundy, Morvanexpress : Montsauche - Chateau Chinon - Autun et Outskirts of Macon. Roads icons turn to green on the map , and are now at the top of table.

Move and use partly a road

A quick look on the itinerary shows there are some details to improve :

Computation and printing / GPS export

Your roadbook can now be computed. Click on 'Compute' button.

Some informations are now displayed :

Need additional steps ?

The south part of the trip is OK, but, before you reach road N°1, you would like to go a bit more western, for example having a step in Montargis. Insert a step before road N°1 by clicking on .

Type 'Montargis' in the field, and click on 'Locate'. The step icon is set up in the middle of city. Drag and drop it at the south west exit of the city.

Now you just have to click on 'Compute' to modify your road.

GPS export and printing

This is great, but how can I use it on the bike ?? Let's have a look :

And click on Print when you are ready !

TNR export

You want to save your job, or to share with friends or members of you moto club. Save it as a .tnr. Go at the top of page, at 'Load / Save roadbook'. Click on 'save roadbook'.

Right-click on FichierRoadbook.tnr in the pop up window which just ope, and save the file.

Charger le roadbook

Close your browser, and re-open tha page, which is empty again. Go to 'Load/save a roadbook'. Click on 'Browse', select the file you just saved and click on 'Open'. The page now opens with all the data you previously saved, and you can modify your work.

Loop or trip ??

And if I do not want to go from A to B, but to do a loop around a given point ?? It's simple. At the beginning, click on 'loop'. A different table will appear :

Locate the 'departure/arrival' point as you did previously; then type a total length (homeward+return), an orientation (optional) and click on 'Precompute'.

The floowing remains the same !