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Exhaust painting

Exhaust pipe is without any doubt the motorcycle part which is the most subject to rust...and not the chepeast one either. It's quite simple to improve its longevity, for only a few euros. Believe me, it's worth doing it !!

Here is a view of my GSX-R exhaust...just a few years more and it would have been out.

Collecteur d'échappement Suzuki GSX-R rouillé

Remove it from the bike. Disassemble muffer, and now let's deal with engine screws. If you feel you'll soon face delicate problems with old screws, use releasing agent, and make a prayer ! Once exhaust has been removed, extract the old gaskets still on the engine, using a little screwdriver.

And now, let's start real work !! You'll have to destroy all rust. If you have a compressor, it's the moment to use the sand blasting technics (see operation page blasting). If you don't have, you can use any electrical sanding tool, or...your little arms !!

Ponçage d'un pot d'échappement de moto

And you're sanding, sanding...

Ponçage d'un pot d'échappement de moto

Once the exhaust is quite clean, you can spray some rust protection product like Rustol Owatrol on the most subject to rust areas (as i'm not sure that this product can support very high temperature, avoid spraying it too close from engine) . Then, let's paint using high temperature painting (you can find some in most shops). You should use two or three layers.

Peinture haute température et rustol owatrol

And here is the result.

pot d'échappement rénové

Let it dry, reinstall exhaust with new engine gaskets. Be careful at first start, new painting is smoking a lot. If you can, let the engine run 15 mins keeping away from it.