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Alps 2006

2006 trip will be a bit more shorter than last year!! After years of riding, I came to the conclusion that, definitely, the best roads are mountain ones. So, why not spend a whole week in the Alps.

Last year's adventure in foreign countries was so amazing that it made me feel like discovering more and more european countries, so, let's plan a road book through Swiss, Italy, Slovenia, Austria and Germany, visiting the most exciting places of the Alps.

Well, let's go for the travel story, made with one of my friends, Guillaume (who did that amazing panoramic picture on day 4)

Every picture will have a Google Earth link showing its geographical position (see instructions).

If you want to go to especially to one step, use the interactive map.

carte du voyage dans les alpes alpes jour 1 alpes jour 2 alpes jour 3 alpes jour 4 alpes jour 4 alpes jour 5 alpes jour 6