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Lofoten Islands

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The biking roads marks on the site go from 0 to 5. You will have noticed that most marks go from 2 to 4, in order to keep a margin when you find a bit better road; 5 is only for perfect roads.

Well, concerning Lofotens scenery, I put ..5 !! Yeah, it's perfect there : Mountains, sea, snow, white sand beaches, blue - green water and charming coloured houses. What else ?

Concerning road itself, surfacing is good, there are some curves, but it is not unforgettable. If you are on the road to North Cape, visit it !!


Plage de sable blanc
Montagnes et mer ...
J'y étais !!
Sortie des Vesteralen


The roadbook

264.9 km (about 4 h 08 min)

Stage Instructions Distance Zoom crossing
Moskenes 0 km
1 Head northeast on E10 PK : 0 km
(-> 53.1 km)
2 Turn left at Offersøyveien PK : 53.1 km
(-> 2.4 km)
3 Turn right at Holandsveien PK : 55.6 km
(-> 2.2 km)
4 Holandsveien turns slightly right and becomes Leiteveien PK : 57.8 km
(-> 1.5 km)
5 Turn left at E10/Leknesveien
Continue to follow E10
PK : 59.4 km
(-> 63.4 km)
6 At the roundabout, take the 3rd exit onto E10/Svolværveien
Continue to follow E10
PK : 122.8 km
(-> 79 km)
7 Turn right to stay on E10 PK : 201.8 km
(-> 16.2 km)
8 Turn left to stay on E10 PK : 218.1 km
(-> 46.7 km)
Skanland 264.9 km

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Road Length Distance / Active road Mark
Péninsule du Senja 122.8 km 82 km 4.4/5
Road 17 (Norwegian coast) 708.8 km 89 km 4.3/5

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