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Norway is without a doubt the most amazing Scandinavian country. Mountains, sea, snow and fjords...nobody will resist to its nature beauty. The welcoming and respectful behaviour of its inhabitants will make you forget a sometimes disturbing weather and high prices. In one word, go there, it's a paradise for motorcycle riders.


Motorcycling in Norway

Roads interest

Curves, curves and once again a forest, near a lake, along a fjord or in mountains...It's like a dream.

Road surface quality

Just like in mountain roads in the Alps, roads suffer from winter. General quality in good, road signs are everywhere and accurate. Be careful, sometimes secondary roads are gravelled.


The most beautiful European country, and maybe, with a certain point of view, in the world (concurrencing New Zealand). Everything remains intact.

General atmosphere / safety

It's relaxing, people are respectful. If tou are used to put three lockers on your bike and take your tank bag with you, just forget it and relax.

Car drivers behaviour

Calm and respectful. Act the same way and you'll enjoy your ride.

Speed controls

Excepted around big cities, I did not notice some . Ride carefully and there won't be any problem.


If your are from European union, passport or identity card are enough.

Prices example

Negative point of the's really expensive.

Road maps

Michelin n°711

Weather statistics

Some weather statistics of the country

Oslo Bergen

Speed limits

City Road Highway

A few pictures

Neige et glace dans le sud Fjord de Geiranger
Iles Lofoten Le Cap Nord


Biking roads

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9 biking roads available.

Road Length Mark Photos Zoom
Péninsule du Senja 122.8 km 4.4/5
Road 17 (Norwegian coast) 708.8 km 4.3/5
Geiranger Fjord 156.8 km 4.1/5
Lofoten Islands 264.9 km 4/5
Lakselv - Est 210.8 km 3.9/5
North cape (Nordkapp) 128 km 3.7/5
The heart of southern Norway 238.6 km 3.5/5
Norwegian heights 89.5 km 3.2/5
Central Norway fjords 176.8 km 3.2/5

6 biking accomodations published.

Accomodation Type Mark Photos Zoom
Adventure - dreams Camping 4.5/5
Auberge de jeunesse - Karalaks Others 4.1/5
Geisemyr camping Camping 4/5
Flothyl Camping Camping 3.8/5
Magnillen Camping Camping 3.6/5
Sekkemo camping Camping 3.5/5

Your opinion

There is 2 opinions.

Author marks : Thomas

General mark : 3.5/5

Roads interest : 4/5

Surfacing : 2/5

Landscapes : 4/5

Car drivers : 3/5

Safety : 4/5

Speed controls : 3/5

Name : Tom-c

Date : december 11th 2008

General mark : 3.4/5

Roads interest : 3/5

Surfacing : 3/5

Landscapes : 4/5

Car drivers : 3/5

Safety : 4/5

Speed controls : 3/5

Fantastic place. A must see once in a lifetime destination. Wonderfully friendly people and the most beautiful sights in the world. Rent cabins in camp grounds and bring your own sheets and towels to save money. A small camping stove is useful too.

Name : Oberon

Date : december 11th 2008

General mark : 3.8/5

Roads interest : 4/5

Surfacing : 3/5

Landscapes : 4/5

Car drivers : 4/5

Safety : 4/5

Speed controls : 4/5

les radars sont toujours en avant... alors
les motos ne payent pas aux tunnels etc